Digital Gambling License Authority - About Us

The Digital Gambling License Authority (DGLA) is the pioneer in decentralized digital gambling regulation, with a mandate that spans across national boundaries. As a global iGaming regulatory body, DGLA licenses and regulates online gambling operators without being confined to the laws of any single country.

Our Mission

We aim to foster a fair, transparent, and secure environment for online gambling globally. By operating independently of national governments, DGLA ensures that its standards are universally applicable, empowering operators to function in a broad, dynamic market.

Global Vision

DGLA embraces a vision where digital gambling transcends geographical and jurisdictional limits, offering a cohesive and unified regulatory framework that aligns with the ethos of digital innovation and universal access.

Dispute Resolution

Our comprehensive dispute resolution process is designed to handle conflicts between operators and consumers swiftly and fairly, reflecting our commitment to upholding integrity and consumer protection on a worldwide scale.

Benefits of Licensing with DGLA

Being licensed by the DGLA enhances trust and credibility, opens access to international markets, reduces risks of fraud, and boosts customer support.

For further information or inquiries about our licensing process, please reach out to us at [email protected].