Digital Gambling License Authority

Revolutionizing Online Gambling Licensing

Introducing DGLA, the world's first and only fully decentralized Digital Gambling License Authority. We are a global authority that licenses and regulates online gambling operators in countries where online gambling is legally accessible and not restricted.

Moving away from the constraints and high fees of traditional licensing bodies, DGLA is transforming the industry. Our licensing process starts with an automated issuance of a provisional license, followed by a thorough manual review to confirm its continuation. With an annual fixed fee starting from 1000 USDT, we provide an affordable and transparent solution for online gambling platforms worldwide.

Upon entering your website URL and name, our system will evaluate your website's metrics to determine your annual license fee in USDT. Once the payment is completed via our integrated crypto payment gateway, a provisional license will be issued along with a verification URL for your platform, and you will be provided with the DGLA logo to display on your website. The license will then be reviewed manually by our team within the first week of issuance to ensure the licensee's operations are in line with our standards and best practices.

Our mission is to promote a fair, safe, and transparent online gambling environment. For more information, please read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.