Digital Gambling License Authority

Supporting Education and Science, Now and Forever

Introducing DGLA, the world’s first and only decentralized Digital Gambling License Authority. As a revolutionary philanthropic organization, we are not tied to any government. We offer global coverage, providing licenses for countries where online gambling is legally accessible and not restricted.

Unlike traditional licensing bodies that operate within limited jurisdictions and charge high fees, DGLA is changing the landscape. Our licensing process is streamlined and efficient, delivering licenses in a maximum of one week. With a one-time entrance fee of $5,000, and an annual fee of 1% of your revenue, we offer a more affordable solution for online casinos worldwide.

All our license fees go directly to supporting global education and scientific advancements. We are proud sponsors of Brilliant (, a platform dedicated to fostering learning in STEM.

Our mission is to promote a fair, safe, and transparent online gambling environment. For more information, please read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.